About Us

O’Neal Consulting was founded on the principle that all eligible schools and libraries should be afforded equal access to E-rate funding.  We are committed to understanding the individual needs of our clients, which means showing flexibility in our consulting services and fees.  We believe there is no cookie-cutter way to manage your E-rate funds and are so confident in our customized approach to managing the E-rate process that all of our work is guaranteed.  No funding, no fee!  So please take advantage of our free E-rate evaluation and see how we can bring you every E-rate dollar to which you are entitled.

Nichole O’Neal


What is E-rate?E-rate is a resource intensive federal reimbursement program that requires adherence to strict rules and deadlines. Here are a few major points regarding the program:

Eligible schools and libraries receive a 20-90% reimbursement on eligible expenses.

Both public and private schools can be eligible for E-rate funding.

Discount percentages are based on Free and Reduced lunch eligibility figures.

Includes funding for Internal Connections, Basic Maintenance and Managed Internal Broadband Services.

Includes funding for recurring services such as Data Transmission Services and Internet.

For more information please refer to the Schools & Libraries Division website at http://www.usac.org/e-rate/ or
contact O’Neal Consulting at info@OCerate.com.

Our Services

General Consulting

This service is perfect for those organizations that handle the E-rate process internally but would prefer to have their forms and information requests reviewed by an E-rate professional before filing them with the Schools & Libraries Division.

Prior Program Year Completion

If you have already started the E-rate process for a previous program year, we can complete the process for you assuming you received a funding award for that program year.

Separate Form Filing/Process Completion

If you prefer to outsource a portion of the E-rate process to an E-rate professional we can break the process down into smaller components to service your individual needs.

Complete E-rate Services

This is a complete outsourcing package for the school, district, library or consortium that chooses to let an E-rate professional handle all the details of the E-rate process from the Request for Proposal to the Reimbursement Verification stage.

Free Evaluation

Please provide the following information and we will send a free evaluation including:

  • Your estimated E-rate discount percentage
  • An analysis to determine whether any E-rate money is owed to you
  • A proposed E-rate consulting fee