ONeal Consulting offers a wide variety of services to allow for a more customized approach to managing your individual E-rate needs.  Each service is backed by our "No Funding, No Fee" guarantee and is available to public and private schools, districts, libraries and consortia:


  • General Consulting:  This service is perfect for those organizations that handle the E-rate process internally but would prefer to have their forms and information requests reviewed by an E-rate professional before filing them with the Schools & Libraries Division. 
  • Prior Program Year Completion:  If you have already started the E-rate process for a previous program year, we can complete the process for you assuming you received a funding award for that program year.
  • Separate Form Filing/Process Completion:  If you prefer to outsource a portion of the E-rate process to an E-rate professional we can break the process down into smaller components to service your individual needs.
  • Complete E-rate Services:  This is a complete outsourcing package for the school, district, library or consortium that chooses to let an E-rate professional handle all the details of the E-rate process from the Request for Proposal to the Reimbursement Verification stage.



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